Related Websites

Related Websites

This area allows users to access our websites and simulators in order to request services or information without needing to visit the municipal service offices.


On My Street LX

Communication of incidents in public areas and municipal facilities.

Interactive Lisbon (LXi)

Maps, urban renewal area maps, noise charts, information on preferential rights.

Municipal Archives

Consultation/copies of scanned documents. Booking of appointments for document consultation purposes.

Council Housing Applications

Applications for allocation of council houses/flats.

Municipal Libraries

Book reservation and library card requests.

Tourist Tax on Overnight Stays

Entity registration and automatic tax payment through the electronic platform.

Lisbon Online Office

Applications for certificates, document consultation and copying, and tracking of urban planning processes.

Street Names

Street name information.

Simulators and Calculators

Rent Calculation

The rent simulator implemented within the scope of the Social Rent Regime is governed by Law no. 32/2016, of 24 August (which amends Law no. 81/2014, of 19 December). This tool estimates social housing rents based on family income and other household information.

It should be noted that the amounts calculated are estimates; actual values may differ.

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Urban Fee Simulator

This tool estimates fees payable in connection with Urban Activities and Related Operations.

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Phased-sale Simulator

This simulator is intended for social housing residents wishing to acquire the respective flats, according to the phased-sale regime, after receiving sales proposals from the municipality.

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PRODAC South Phased-sale Simulator

This simulator is intended for South PRODAC Neighbourhood residents wishing to acquire the respective flats according to the phased-sale regime.
Additional information available on

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Public Utility Service Complaints

Electronic Complaints Platform

Submission of complaints and/or information requests pertaining to public utility services (electricity, natural gas, water, waste, electronic communications and postal services) other activity sectors.